#ridewithvincent: What Doing A New Goal Every Week Taught Me

It’s officially been one year since I started my project #ridewithvincent. For those of you who weren’t familiar with it, it was my personal mission to push myself to try new things & see new perspectives.

The project started because I felt that I needed a change of pace post-grad. Honestly, I didn’t do every week consecutively — but I made damn sure I would do all 52 things. All things considered, this was probably the toughest year I’ve had so far. It became easy to take a week off, which led easily to two weeks, and then eventually a month.

After a full year though, #ridewithvincent is now almost done. Here were some of the big takeaways:

Lessons Learned

  • Be accountable: posting everything on Instagram made it 100% harder to back out (thanks to the homies kept bugging me on that haha)
  • Plan ahead: making a list of everything I wanted to do helped me schedule things in advance
  • Take advantage of the life around you: sometimes, you just need to be a Yes Man (or woman)
  • Don’t make things harder than they need to be: you decide the rules, don’t do something if it’s not making you happy at the end of the day

What I Got Out of It

  • Better relationships: invest in the people that make you happy
  • Gratitude & appreciation: quality of life depends on how many perspectives you have
  • Unforgettable memories: I traveled, I cooked, I played, I watched, I cried, I tried, but most importantly — I lived.

What’s Next?

On the #ridewithvincent project, I will continue to chip away from the initial ‘bucket list’ (which only kept growing bigger). Even though the year has already started, I’ve been able to plan 3 big trips with friends & family. So look forward for a few ‘grams there.

As for my next project?

I’m planning to do a new project every month. More to come soon.

#51 — Write a blog post ✔️