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Echelon Asia Summit 2017 (Eng. ver.)

The most representative start-up exhibition in Taiwan, INNOVEX, has just began to flourish in recent years, which gives Taiwan the opportunity to be exposed and link with world trends. Therefore, when I recognized that Echelon Asia Summit in Singapore is actually a great event of Asia, I was super excited and looking forward to personally see the startup trends outside of Taiwan.


In the summit hall, in addition to Singapore’s local startup teams, there were also many from Southeast Asia, South Korea and Taiwan. Two main stages were standing in the corner. One is the Pitch stage, which allows all the startup teams to stand on for exposure. I saw how every entrepreneur tried to concisely describe their own project and be impressive. Another stage is for speakers to share topics and interact with the audience.

After a general understanding of each startup team, I will list some projects that interested and surprised me:


Because of my background as a student of Architecture, I was stunned by a fantastic solution to architecture for teaching and design, the “VRcollab”. It compiles the file of Sketchup and Revit into VR-ready file, which could be used in VR directly (they were tested on HTC VIVE). The benefits include discussing the design in the same VR space without boundary, adjusting the design move the

objects directly in VR space, there will also be a guideline that annotates the actual size. Finally, they will output an excel format which show the items which should be modified. It would be a large breakthrough in architectural education for Taiwan, because the discussion between teacher and student would be more efficient when they’re under the same circumstance. On the other hand, discussion and time cost can be lowered between owner and the architect office.


A team from Israel, “ PayKey ”. In the beginning we thought they are like other Fintech companies who design a communication app so that users can freely transfer or withdraw money. However, after a closer understanding, we found that they do not provide any additional app or platform, but directly collaborate with banks and provide a keyboard attached with the app of the corresponding banks. The difference between this keyboard and the general keyboard is only a PayKey button. Because the keyboard binds directly with the bank, users are able to use any community software to enter someone’s name and the amount of money. After sending, PayKey output a link which includes that person’s name and the money. The other party can just open the link and confirm. This kind of innovative thinking is really amazing and exclaimed. Compared to Facebook messenger pay and Apple iMessege pay, PayKey is more suitable for multi-platform broader market solution!


It’s really common for people having desire to share photos on social platforms, and FOMO is just the right service for this! Users can choose photos with #hashtag on their social platform account, and making use of FOMO machine to print their own polaroids. The point is that no specific cloud space uploading is needed. This kind of service is handy for thematic activities, parties, and ceremonies. Just take a selfie and check in as usual, and you’ll get polaroids that only belong to you.


“Souschef” is an amazing startup providing machines that can serve any flavor of beverages through technology. Following the steps below: 1. Uploading syrup flavor to the cloud, 2. Place all syrup in a cabinet, 3. Mount the faucet on the cabinet, 4. Guests choose beverages on the tablet and beverage would mix automatically, 5. Already done! Before enjoying it, stir a little bit, and here comes the juice that tastes like the real one!


Echelon Asia Summit does not only gather startup teams, but also attract many investors, incubators, companies and government agencies. In my opinion, matching roundtable and startup workshop had already made Echelon Asia Summit look like a complete startup ecosphere, instead of just a startup exhibition. The roundtable area allows startups and investors and mentors match fast, the workshop invites many mentors and equip attendees with the latest trend insights and market access intelligence, such as growth hacking and product management. I would like to bring those ideas back to Taiwan and see if I can utilize them. In the end, I hope that Taiwan’s INNOVEX could become more international like Echelon Asia Summit and bring Taiwan to the next innovative generation, an almost complete startup ecosphere.

Thanks to Envision Recruit for the prize and sponsor to give us, City Trigger, the opportunity to attend the Echelon Asia Summit 2017.
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