Co-Working seems to be one of the latest buzz words in business at the moment. Especially if you’re based within a property-related or creative-based industry. Over the last 10 years the flexible workspace industry has seen some very impactful cultural shifts driven by the rise of entrepreneurship and the rise of accessibility as a whole.

Before I dive into why co-working is the new way to work, I’ll quickly explain what co-working is in our eyes at Co-Space. Co-Working is a community driven way to work, heavily adopted by creatives but not isolated to the creative industries. In former years…

Why We Need to Focus on Culture in the Workspace — Source:

Culture, one of those terms thrown around quite a lot recently. Especially when referring to the future of work and work space environments, but what does is really mean and how will it effect the work environment of the future? How has culture become the new form of community?

In February of this year, myself and one of my business partners Oliver launched a Co-Working space in the centre of our home city Lincoln. The space is aimed at creatives, freelancers and tech start-ups primarily. At the forefront of our thinking during all aspects of the build, from initial design…

I keep hearing people telling me they don’t have the time, or the resources, to do what they want with their life. They’re “too tied up with work to do anything and besides, the money at my job is good” (what they really mean is comfortable). I tell them they have the wrong mindset towards their life and they should focus on the magic number 168.

Why is 168 magic? Because 168 is the number of hours in a week. We all spend around 40–50 hours a week at work. The other 118 hours are yours. They’re yours to sleep…

William Stokes

Entrepreneur, Founder, CEO: @WeAreCoSpace. Passionate about the flex/co-working sector, as well as sustainable development and tech, primarily health/bio tech.

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