Facebook Instant Articles Continuity?

When I first an iPhone, 1 thing I loved the most was continuity across devices. Meaning, if I had tabs or articles open on my phone, I can easily find it on my iPhone home screen and vice versa.

Source: PC Mag

Today, an average user on Facebook likes hundreds of pages and has even more friends posting all kinds of posts. For me personally, what I use Facebook the most for is instant articles. I liked all major publications in and out of my field of work. Sometimes I go to an article and I find it interesting. If I zoned out for a call or went on to start a meeting, I lose this article forever. Publishers on Facebook are using a distribution system that makes it hard to find the same posts again on their pages.

Facebook is has a very solid omnipresence where people are logged to their accounts from multiple devices. I personally feel like Facebook should take me through a journey rather than randomly serving me content each time I log on a different time or from a different device. The save feature is cool, but I have to either know that I want to read this entirely later or I know I need to reference that in the future.

What Apple did with Safari and Google did for Chrome’s continuity, sure can be done for Facebook as well. A single post on your timeline such as Twitter’s “ICYMI” could be a great retention tool for the newsfeed or even using the cards used for saved articles.

Source: Facebook Newsroom

I know Facebook has an army of product managers and UX researchers uncovering every possible feature on the planet, however, for my persona and use cases, this could be the most important feature for me to start using Facebook more instead of article aggregation platforms.

Peace & Love