The Smart Kitchen Architecture

Yang Yu
Yang Yu
Jan 10 · 9 min read

The Forces shaping how we eat

The Creation of a Meal in the Kitchen

survey result of 150 working professionals

The Evolution


1970 Deciding: Recipe books

1970 Gathering: Grocery shopping

1970 Preparing: Manual prep

1970 Heating: Manual cooking

1970 Eating: Communal

1970 Cleaning: Manual

Fragmented Value Chain


2015 Deciding: Recipe websites

2015 Gathering: Grocery delivery

2015 Preparing: Aided prep

BlueApron Grocery Store Meal-kit

2015 Heating: Guided cooking

2015 Eating: Winding down

2015 Cleaning: Automated

Disjointed Value Chain


2020 Deciding: Personalized meal-plan

2020 Gathering: Shop-able recipes

2020 Preparing: Pre-prepared meal-kits

2020 Heating: Autonomous cooking

2020 Eating: Flexible

2020 Cleaning: No dishwashing

Integrated Value Chain

The Smart Kitchen Architecture

New Business Models

Digital — Recipe apps turn into personal dieticians

Logistics — Grocery stores turn into distributed walk/drive-throughs

Hardware — Appliance businesses turn into printer businesses

We’re moving in the right direction

Yang Yu

Written by

Yang Yu

CEO at, Making great food accessible to everyone

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