Market a Print Company

Print, as we know it, is dying.

Well, let me rephrase that. As a real estate professional print is an tool they would use to market their listings. Mailers, flyers, and brochures are the norm. So when a Colorado print company (Colorproductive) asked me to think of new ways we could market listings I couldn’t wait to jump on board.

The biggest challenge was making sure a real estate agent felt like the deal was worth the login. We had gotten feedback from an MVP that the owner of Colorproductive did, that agents wanted an easy, step by step way to order their marketing and photography. The biggest challenge was the communicate the value of having this service all in one place.

Over all I think I had the idea in mind, but wanted to design a flow to make sure. So I did a quick flow with high level wires to get sign off before working through the mocks.

I went and did a quick mock (version 1) to show a flat design that used a lot of iconography and illustrations to show the point. I didn’t think that the design hit the standard for ease of use and it wasn’t flashy enough to grab an agents attention.

Secondly I did a mock with the same kind of layout, but with the direction that it needed to be “fancier” and “more high-class”. So with a bit of typography tweeking and different stock photos I landed on a more muted but “higher-class” looking site. Again we didn’t think it was flashy enough to grab agents.

So for version 3 I went back and did a more flashy version with more vibrant colors, bigger typography, and just an overall better look.

The Evolution of Colorproductive’s marketing website.

Overall I think we really hit the target market. I did some small tweaks to the Colorproductive logo as well using CMYK colors (cause it’s a print company — get it?) and tried to incorporate those into the design of the site as well with primary CTA’s and secondary button colors.

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