The UX and UI of Spex

As a designer there are probably a 1000 ways to go from initial concept to all out design and hand-off to developers. When stake holders and CEO’s get in the way of the design its even more challenging, but as designers our job is to solve the problem the best way we can. Think about the business objectives, goals, and of course the users.

I faced a lot of design challenges when coming up with the initial idea. Most of the people using this app were used to using a pencil and paper. They were an older crowd (35+) and they were constantly in direct sunlight.

To overcome these the contrast had to be on point, and the UX had to be easy enough for a newbie to learn and master within days.

Below is the process I used from wireframes to version 2 of the iPad app.

I have put my final iteration on my website ( to see all the details.

The big idea here was to create an application that insurance adjusters would be able to use in the field. They would need to take notes, add structures, take photographs, add video, and make it super simple and easy to use.

The first iteration was all very linear. Our CEO wanted to be able to do step 1, then 2, and so forth, but we found that in the field a user would no be able to do their inspection in a linear fashion. (User testing is always a great thing!)

You can see how my original ideas made it into the final iteration as well, but not to say we didn’t get great feedback from features in the initial MVP.

I’d love to know your feedback. What do you think of the process?

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