Singapore Tech Meetup Scene in Data
Hannah Yan Han

Hi Hannah,

I’m one of the Organizers from Datascience SG :) Nice to know we still made it to the list lol.

One huge issue we face when running meetups is that we seek help from venue partners such as Paypal, Ascendas, NTUC (to name a few folks who have been so generous to help us out in the past)

The size of the crowd is highly dependent on the venue and there are very few venues that can sit upwards of 200 members at anyone time. Finding these spaces for free require a lot of hardwork and luck to find the right friends who are willing to help.

One of our key concern while running the meetups is to remain technology agnostic. This has increasingly become more challenging as big brands takeover or hire some core meetup teams.

This is an interesting project and I would definitely like to see where this is heading and if further research would be conducted on the demographics of the members and attendees.

And if you are keen, we hold an all hands meeting twice a year, if you are keen to learn more, would definitely be happy to invite you to sit in and observe and give us feedback as to how we can do better based on your research :)



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