Kickstarter campaign, Day 1

After months of dreaming up the game mechanics, thinking if through, testing the idea with friends I took the bold step of just leaping blindly and launching my Kickstarter campaign. (

I did receive some queries as to why I chose to use the Google shortener. For starters, free tracking and it’s easier to determine which are the markets I am still very much lacking and need to work harder on.

For all Google shortened links, as long as you add a .info behind, it will bring you up to the link dashboard. Everything is very transparent and public. (

The whole Kickstarter dashboard is also pretty awesome from the owner perspective. Everything is nicely laid out:

Overall, the first day is definitely quite exciting. By my count, I will need an average of AUD277.78 daily for the project to be successfully funded. (So I’m on target for day 1, woo hoo!)

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