Setting Up Slack

Team Creation

  1. Go to

2. Enter your email:
The sad boring email IT has assigned to you

3. Choose a name (Relevant and cool):
You now have a choice to choose something awesome! (But make sure your boss is still happy with it)

4. Choose the domain:
This is how your team gain access through the internet.

Having the something that makes sense and is easy to remember would be advised. (Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious whilst cool is difficult to remember and excceeds the character count)

You will not be allowed to proceed if you have chosen something is already taken

Use your imagination

5. Choose a username:
Captain Jack Sparrow is an option (and it’s an excuse for your colleagues to finally address you by your proper title)

6. Final steps:
Almost there

7. Proceed to the team:
Fast forward and show me what I want to see!

Fine invite people if you really want to

8. Ta da!

Finishing touches: Enable the desktop notification to receive spam of incoming messages.

Please reach out to me @mryitch if you have questions

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