But What Do You Really Want to Do?

Passions burn out when life happens. Those optimistic little dreams living inside of you die once you accept life for what it really is: unrewarding, depressing, repetitive, unfair and boring…Okay, maybe I’m being a little too insanely negative. I’ve always been a realist and a searcher of truth no matter how awful the truth really is. I’ve always been a realist, but I too, like many others had dreams once. Those dreams never got forgotten, but have just beenburied deep in my mind. Every time I complain about my daily routine, sometimes people ask me what I’d really rather be doing. Why must we be always doing something? Why can’t we just be and explore and live to find out who we are truly meant to be? I’m conflicted daily with wanting to live outside a traditional life and just taking my own path. Why can’t I? Surely, no one is telling me I can’t, but no one is encouraging of a drifter. Uncertainty scares everyone. When you know what show you are going to watch on tv and what you are going to eat for dinner, etc, etc. When you know how each day will play out, things become safe and comforting. I find no comfort in routine anymore. This is about breaking those comforts. This is a measure to find those places that make me feel. I don’t think life was ever intended to make you feel numb.

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