A Safe Place To Stay

Charmaine Thomas

A Safe Place to Live

I am, reviewing how important home safety is for any tenant or student moving in their first apartment is, I will also explain what safety is through the eyes of a tenant. Being a 23-year-old college student working full-time is not easy, so living somewhere safe, quite, and stable relieves a lot of unnecessary stress especially when you’re living far away from home with no family around. Currently I’m living in my new apartment, I’ve been living here for less than a year now. My new place is located less than 10 minutes from my old apartment, so they are both located in the same vicinity. 
 My safety and wellbeing has always been the number one factor in where I choose to reside, so whenever a tenant thinks about security they tend to think about an onsite Security guard who patrols the parking lot and hall ways, monitors who comes in and out the building, and protects tenants from intruders. My expectations for my new apartment was to have security cameras in the parking lot, and throughout the building. Statistic show that security cameras do help lower crime rates, according to Homeland security after setting up cameras in various urban neighborhoods the amount of criminal acts decreased 20% less than the prior months before cameras were installed. Not only does the cameras help lower crimes rates, they also decreased the cost of structure and merchandise damages, as well as physical and psychological damages caused by these criminal acts. Another thing I expect is to have a well maintained and working elevator to be able to ride without getting stuck for hours. While doing research I came across an article about a worker getting killed in an elevator due to poor maintenance upkeep, which proves that poor elevator up keep can play a major role in safety of tenants.
 I moved in my first apartment in April 2014, and my second apartment March 2016. I’ve always lived alone, my current apartment does not meet my expectations when it comes to the subject of security at all. I’ve been residing in my new apartment since March 2016, and there hasn’t been a moment I’ve truly felt safe. I feel that way because the apartment is located in a very dark and secluded area, where if your outside by yourself day or night and something happened to you and you screamed no one would ever hear you. Why? Because the structure the apartment building is huge and is the first prison of Michigan which means it’s made entirely out of brick but that’s not the bad part. The bad part is all the apartments are located in the back of the building and 90% of tenant parking is located in the front of the building that’s a great distance to travel alone with no active security guard on duty or any cameras installed in the parking lot or in the building considering how huge the building really is. Another way this apartment does not meet my expectations when it comes to security is evaluator safety. For the 7 months I’ve lived in this apartment it’s been multiple occasions where the elevator has stopped working while being actively used by tenants, causing them to be stuck for hours due to the office being closed, and due to the lack of a security guard, or security cameras. Basically the list goes on and all these things are huge indicators on why this apartment needs some form of security, while the leasing office is closed. 
 When I moved in my first apartment I was 20 years old. The apartment building was also tall brick building, and I lived on the first floor between the elevator and the main entrance door for residence. My apartment was a studio apartment approximately 350 sq. feet, with a full kitchen and bathroom. The amenities for this apartment was free parking, onsite laundry room, free air conditioning, and a storage unit located in the basement of the building. I didn’t come to appreciate living there until I moved out. While living there I would always complain about the size of the apartment building, and now I’ve come to appreciate smaller apartment buildings and the small parking lot. My old apartment didn’t have an active duty security guard but they did have cameras installed throughout the building, and parking lot. So when I came home late for work I wasn’t as scared to get out of my car. Also I lived on the first floor so I didn’t have to take the elevator, which also eased my mind about my security. Never once while living there did the elevator stop working, or any of the tenants get stuck for hours. On the outside looking in I now see that my old place wasn’t as bad as I made it out to be.

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