Happy Halloween

Halloween, a festivity where you can be anyone or anything. It is a scary themed day; talking about scary, let me introduce you to this weekend homework.

As you know from my blog, I attend the Iron Yard, a java programming boot camp. I am learning the back end of java. Interesting field to learn, filled with headaches, failures, aha moments and accomplishments. In other words a roller coaster of emotions. And this weekends homework did not disappoint.

This weekends homework was called “Build me something beautiful”. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As a back end java (student) programmer, beauty is what’s inside the project and not what it displays. Our coding our structure our work is what makes our projects beautiful. The homework ended up being beautiful, the process is what made it scary!!!!!!!

Purpose of the project was to use what ever framework we felt comfortable to create a webapp. First, searching for an API was not simple. I started looking for things I wanted to use for my code, and since I couldn’t find anything I had to settle for what was out there. My API had to be free(very important) and it had to be able to connect with Json. Second, deciding what framework to use was a little challenging. Do I use something I am comfortable with or do i get out of my comfort zone?. Once I had all this figured out it was time to code……… Sounds easy enough, right?……WRONG!

This is where the roller coster of emotions came into play. Lest’s start with headaches. When you are trying to code you try your hardest not to get anything wrong because you don’t want to go back and search for your mistake. So every time I would see those red “squiggly” my head would start to hurt. I am a student and I will/am making many mistakes in my process of learning this language. As soon as I understood that I would keep on going. Then slowly but surely frustration hit!. I couldn’t get my project to work. I had tried everything; changed things, tinker with other things and nothing. At that point i thought “how is it possible i can’t code this!! What have I’ve been doing in class all this time?”. At that point I started a new project. I was not going out of my comfort zone. I would program this with what i know. Sunday afternoon hit, I had finished my homework. I didn’t have my AHA moment and that made me feel like I didn’t try my hardest. I opened my laptop and started working on the original project. I asked for assistance from my professor. He gave me the best news anyone could have gave me at that moment. The problem was not my code, the problem was that there was a bug in my API, it read javascipt and not Json. My AHA moment hit, I was so happy and was able to finish the assignment, and I had a feeling of accomplishment; which is the best feeling to have!!!

Putting all your dedication sweat and effort into a project that actually runs is the most satisfying feeling. This emotional roller coaster has a happy ending and I believe that’s what is beautiful about this field. As programmers (me as a student) we create/build amazing things,and the best part is that we get the opportunity to see them actually work/come to life.