The love I never thought I’d have

When I entered medical college, I thought that medicine was my everything. These white coats, the clatter of glass test tubes, the hiss of hydrogen peroxide in the wound, followed by a feeling of cleanliness and, as a logical continuation, the approach of recovery — this is unforgettable, so valuable to me… And more words… Medical terminology.

Photo from the author’s personal archive. Photographer Asya_Sky

I was especially fond of words. There are many peculiar, complicated words in medicine, such as deoxyribonucleic acid, for example. And there are also a lot of professionalisms (words peculiar to certain professions, in this case medical professionals). For example, in a medical environment the accent in diagnoses is put differently.

I liked to feel that I belonged to something special, a kind of closed community, people who do amazingly complex things and speak their own, often understandable only to them, language. Of course, you understand that words are not limited to professionalism.

But, to my surprise, almost no one said, for example, tocopherol meaning vitamin E or spondylolisthesis instead of a diagnosis of vertebral dislocation. And I, for reasons I don’t understand, was saddened by this.

I had seen and done many things, but there was something that was sorely lacking in my medical work. Terminology? Or maybe it was the low salary, night duty? I liked to give the warmth of my heart to patients, to be patient, careful, caring. All this was extremely important to me, but at the same time, there was also something that displeased me just as much.

I got a job and quit, learned something new, and left again… Maybe I’m too impatient? Or lazy? Hungry for new knowledge? Unsteady?

I am a massage nurse, yoga teacher, photographer… Many things interest and fascinate me, give me pleasure and truly delight me. But the strangest realization that never ceases to amaze me concerns a little something else. Words matter to me. I love words! How I love to write, to find, to choose and to feel words!

I created the space “In the Hut” (russian version «В избушке») because I couldn’t not write. For the same reason I’ve been writing in the notebook lately, and I’ve been doing it more often in a mirror image, by the way. Something goes from the notebook to “In the Hut”, something stays there. But one thing remains unchanged: I can’t not write.

Somehow, incomprehensibly, everything that I was interested in or interested in, from knowledge of psychology to photography and video filming, poured into a space where it intertwined, joined together and, having included another of my passions, which I had never thought about, which I had not realized for a long (even too long) — writing, has turned into a large and so important for me space “In the Hut”.



Hi, I’m Asya! This is the “In the Shack” space. From the heart with love.

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Hi, I’m Asya! This is the “In the Shack” space. From the heart with love.