The First Time I Smoked Weed 🤷🏼‍♀️!

Ight So Boom 💥

It Was About 2 Years After My Beloved Mother Departed Us, I Was Very Much Lost And Grief Was Consuming The Last Bit Of Innocence I Withheld. I Couldn’t Go A Day Without Thinking About My Mother, My Father Constantly Drank And My Siblings Never Really Realized I Still Existed Even Though I Was Always A Curious Little Kid 👧🏼 I Couldn’t Go Anywhere Without Sticking My Nose In Something. I Remember I Was About 12 Years Old, In The 6th Grade When My Nose And Depression Wandered Me Into My Destiny. I Spent My Day At School In Mourning And Silence, When I Came Home I Made Myself Some Shells n’ Cheese, Did My Homework And Chilled Behind The Television Until I Heard My Brother Moving Around All Suspiciously In The Next Room. I Walked In On Him Congesting What I Later Learned To Know As Marijuana 🍃 My Brother Held A Finger Sized Blunt In His Right Hand Between His Thumb And Index Finger, The Smoke Was Heavy And Stuck To The Walls Like Paint 🎨 The Confined Room Reeked Of Skunk Spray And Tabacco Leaf 🍁 He Looked Up To Me And Told Me To “Shut The Door” Being The Nosey Little Creature I Was, Of Course I Stayed On The Inside 😂 He Laughed And Pointed To The Shirt Laying In Front Of The Door As He Exhaled The Raspy Words “Snake The Door” I Assumed He Wanted Me To Block The Underneath 🕳 So I Did. I Watch Him Awkwardly In Silence For A Good 3 Minutes Before He Asks Me If I Wanna Try It And 🤫 I Said “Okay” He Passed Me The Blunt, I Took A Hit, And I Coughed My Lungs Up. Boooooy !!! Was That Shit Strong, I Couldn’t Feel My Throat At All. I Ran Out Of The Room Drinking A Glass Of Every Beverage In Our Old Refrigerator 🥤 The Burning In My Throat Started To Go Down And I Started To Feel Light Headed So I Went Into The Other Room And Layed Down On Our Blue Comfy Couch. My Orbs Felt Like Little Weights In My Face, I Could Barely Lift A Lid. I Began To Burst Out Laughing Unable To Control What I Was Even Laughing About. When I Tired Myself Out I Layed There Shut Eye, In Silence, And I Felt Good. Better Than I Did In A Long Time Back Then 🤷🏼‍♀️ It Has Been 16 Years Since I’ve Touched My First Blunt And To This Day I Haven’t Stopped Smoking And. . .

I Won’t Stop Smoking Weed.

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