I close my eyes and I’m in a field — a world away from ours. Laying in the grass, I feel the light, clean breeze weaving between my toes and brushing against my cheek. White, fluffy clouds of all shapes and sizes swim across the clear blue sky. A golden sun smiles through the veil with her everlasting rays stretching in every direction, bringing life to every soul she touches.

I smile back as I listen to the birds sing their good-mornings. A lush blanket of green hugs me as I breathe in the sweet, floral scent of lavender, jasmine, and honeysuckle. I take a deep breath through my nose down to my gut. I allow for it to churn and strengthen before releasing its vibrations through my chest, lighting up my heart before it disperses in all directions. With another breath, I release any remaining tension down my spine, out the tips of my toes and fingers. I am at peace.