2 Marketing Strategies to Make Money Online with Affiliate Programs!

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Jan 3 · 5 min read

The following strategies are the main money making strategies used by the Gurus. These strategies, implemented correctly will make you money with your affiliate programs.

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This strategy is the most important step to continue to make money long term. If you do not already have some type of system you can later automate,you need to get one. Although you can build a system free, When it comes time Do not be cheap here because your entire business will hinge on this , strategy or piece of software.

First, Build a Buyers List.

A good way of building your list is from the traffic that visits your sites/links. Create a opt-in form, which is probably the most effective, does not require you to have a website in order to implement an opt-in list form. Of course if your Affiliate program does offer a list management service then you can send traffic to the affiliate URL, but I don’t always recommend you stop there as you will usually not be able to email the entire list with special offers. Thats the important reasons for the opt in form.

To make the most of your opt-in form and get the most signups, you should place it in your profiles. It can be strategically located in your profile or within the body of your post, after you present a problem. The titles should address the problem by offering a solution. In the example below we will assume that I am promoting Cashjuice and I want opt-in subscribers to email me for more info, while adding themselves to my newsletter/Buyers list.

Example: Have you ever wondered how people make money online?. Find out in 3 simple steps[signup form here],form link would follow.
Then after the form is completed there will be a redirect to your product sales page. These are some of the opt in forms you can use free. They come with their own url, in which you can add to cashjuice, bit.ly the link, etc… Infact, in encourage you to visit ViralUrl, for link security. Protect your link by cloaking its free at ViralUrl . BTW ~ they also have a email option to email their affiliates.

  1. Leadpages
    2. Instapages
    3. Quickpages ( the one I use) My Newsletter Opt-in Form, please join

The second very, very important strategy to make money online is driving traffic to your Products.

When I say traffic, I don’t just mean any old traffic, I mean targeted traffic, people who are motivated and ready to buy can and will make you money. You can use programs and techniques such as Google Adwords, blogging, article writing and linking to drive targeted traffic to your website. GoogleAdwords is a resource offered by Google in which you can pay for your site to be show when certain keywords are queried in their search engine. This I wound not recommend you do right away it can be costly. But you can use GoogleAdwords for keyword research, its free. It can help you find targeted traffic using keywords.

If you where to pay per click the GoogleAdwords, the secret to using Adwords is not to bid high on popular keywords. Instead,what you do is find similar keywords that still describe your website, but are use do much less frequent. These keywords will cost much less to bid on and will allow you to spread your money out over many different keywords, getting the most bang for your buck. You can use this handy little tool to find similar keywords. Again I must stress not to try without further knowledge.

Blogging is another great way to drive targeted traffic to your products and services. To get the most out of this technique the blog should be filled good quality content.

I recommend writing your own content which specifically relates to your affiliate program and or products. Tip: Once you have some content you will need to submit your RSS feed to the as many blog search engines as you can. This will put your blog out there for other webmasters to use as content feeds on their websites.

This win-win situation allows webmasters to have quality content on their website, which increases the value of that website while driving targeted traffic directly to you. RSS is not required to get traffic, but the technique is useful. And the are platforms set up for you to blog these days..

When you do use RSS feeds, URL link that you conveniently placed under your name after the blog was written. That means that your link is on a blog feed that is on thousands of websites. Not only do people click those links but Google sees these links pointing back to you and thinks that you are popular and you are rewarded with a higher page rank.

Article writing is basically the same as blogging except the information in an article will need to have more useful content and be peppered with keywords that the webmasters are looking for. After completing your article you will submit (syndicate) it to content sites as opposed to blog search engines.

Content sites are places where webmasters go to find specific content to offer their readers. If you are a good writer you may at some point build up a name for yourself and finagle a deal with a webmaster to write exclusives for his site. His readers get great exclusive content and you get highly motivated targeted traffic.

Linking is perhaps the most widely used form of increasing traffic and page rank. However, if done incorrectly you could end up hurting your Google page rank and ultimately loosing potential buyers.

Many people go and submit their URL links to link farms in an attempt to trick Google into giving them a better page rank. This does NOT work; in fact Google has been known to penalize websites for engaging in these activities.

Linking is to find websites in your niche market which have a Google page rank of 4 or above and enticing the webmaster to list your link on their website. You may think that you would be helping your competition, well you would be. But your competition would be helping you as well. It ís better to send leaving traffic to a partner than just having them close their browser window, and remember that works both ways. This is advanced system. Not easy not recommend.

The strategies listed in this article do work and they will increase you sales and residuals it done correctly. Reciprocal linking, Blogging and Article writing are great ways to bring massive amounts of high quality targeted traffic to your website. Those strategies combined with an effective sales page with an nice opt-in email list can make your business soar to new heights. You can and will make money with this system.

You have to be consistent.

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