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A Affiliate Marketer is one who promotes and sale someone else’s product to collect a commission. I believe a large amount of the paying customers are gullible “Ole’ Joes” like you and I.

Here is a thought, An Affiliate Marketer will always be targeted from software developers. The reason, they make products and provide services that is suppose to make an Affiliates job easier in some way when marketing online. So an Affiliate of such a service, markets us. Crazy,what Affiliate Marketers needs, another Affiliate will sale you. You need lead generation software ? its an Affiliate that has the best one, Right? You need Hosting, an Affiliate has the best deal in town. The truth is if you knew a few simple steps you could be on the receiving end of some of that 12 billion. If you where properly set up, you wouldn’t have to purchase services and softwares that promise to save you time and generate sales with little effort.

The fact is most Affiliates, Beginners or Gurus will promote at least 10 products. And to my argument most of us fuel the Industry by purchasing things on impulse. In fact so many fall into the world wind of having the proper tools that it distracts and dilutes the dream of actually making money online. Instead of making due with what we have. We click, we join, we promote in hopes each product will provide the income it promised in a short amount of time. Causing us to be no better off and landing in the same place we started, searching. This is the behavior that promotes impulsive purchases, always looking for what does not exist. Well, guess what ? It never works. We may pay for advertising, or to join a program. We may spend a lot of useless time unaware how valid the product is. Which means we also lack product knowledge. We need to be free and clear headed to actually work the programs without distraction. So, we should stop trying to buy into something. The fact that we are willing to purchase a get rich system, is a problem. Its obvious most are ill equip to promote, advertise and draw leads to get sales. We are not properly set up. That makes us a target. Let it be known, In most cases we can create, produce and preform the work ourselves, Who knew? Until we learn some simple techniques and properly set ourselves up for success we will continue to be customers, contributing to the 12 billion made my the Affiliate Marketing Industry.

This system is broken. When in fact the hardest thing about Affiliate Marketing should not be getting started, Right ? And whatever you pay you should be reassured reimbursement or compensation in some way, especially if you do the work. After all, those one time purchases, well, they add up. They bank on the fact we are just trying to make a little cash to better our situation. Moreover, sometimes to be compensated for a sale, free members are required to upgrade. In most cases the upgrades are nearly worthless. So that free option becomes someones source of income . The persuasive tackiness, the pictures and videos on the beach are misleading, but inviting. After a good power speech the presenter makes us all believe we will be rich tomorrow if we just use, promote and sale their stuff. They don’t care if we are set up to promote their products. They have no idea how much online experience we have. They don’t teach how to use the products but there is plenty of training on how to sale the products.

If you want to make the money they make? Use the techniques, strategies an tips they do. Set yourself up for success, don’t purchase to many programs that promise to make you rich overnight. And make sure the products you buy are the products you need. Be sure and you use them so you can define the benefit, if any. The point is, if you can create a system that generates money online, you will be less likely to purchase on impulse. You will not be easily distracted. You will use your system and stay focused.

The Solution:
The one thing you will be faced with as an Affiliate is : You don’t know what you need, until you need it.
An online set up helps you to stay focus. You can search and research upgrades. You can actually work and not be pressured to buy something. You are the only one that can make such decisions. By having an operable office you learn a daily routine and time management.This is one of the many reasons why people quit before they get started, They have no direction and no system. A online office will keep you in position to reach your goal .The formula below is a small set up, but its built to aide you in creating a strong foundation. Above all it will teach consistency as you work in it daily. Later you’ll grow to create a elaborate set up tailored to suite your needs. A set up to help you achieve your online goals of making money online. The point is, this is built for your success. Created for you, by you.
So lets get started. You can visit another article on how to generate leads here : 5 Tips On How To Get Leads Online Free, With Little Effort..

Lets build you and online office.

1. You need a few email accounts
Gmail and maybe gmx ; your choice there are plenty, use free options.

2. You need a website Tumblr will do.
Tumblr or such similar sites are fine for now

3. Social Media Accounts like:
Facebook,Twitter, Reddit, P’rest. Etc.

Set-up Tips:

So maybe you already have the above mentioned items. And that’s great. Scroll to the bottom for more information. You can also visit another article on how to generate leads free, and with little effort. here : 5 Tips On How To Get Leads Online Free, With Little Effort..

For the individuals in need of a head start here’s a few tips.
Sign up for at least 2 email accounts. Use one for your profiles, Tumblr Facebook etc.
Use the other
to add to all the ads you will later post. This is the email you will give to your leads and the people who want to keep in touch. This will be the a email account you build your followers and buyer’s list with.

Next you need a platform to display products services and fresh content. Eventually you’ll
need a website, but for now I recommend a platform like Tumblr. You need a place where customers can visit you. Consider this your website for now.

Finally, set up a few social media sites like Facebook and Twitter…

Setting up a workplace, also keeps you organized. Again,A online office is a routine that also promotes consistency. You will be able brand yourself, fast. Through the profiles you set up you automatically begin to gain followers who are willing to hear what you have to say. So make sure to fully set up profiles then fill your feeds by following and sharing others post, reblog daily. Until you have original content to post. Follow what interest you in most cases you will get a follow back. Like some post on both Tumblr and your social media, comment on some others and don’t forget to share, the post is shared on your fee. This process will become clear later.

Now you have your office set up. Your profiles are complete. What is your profiles decorated with? What are your interest in? Cars, Cats. Fitness, Health needs. Online marketing, Affiliates Marketing, Music or Food, what ya got? When you follow and interact people they will reciprocate, and without much effort you begin to build a buyers list for your online business. Again, don t worry, this process will become clear later.

Your Products and Services

Pay close attention the process of creating and filling your online office was an important step.I recommend you try becoming an affiliate by promoting free products. When you find a online business opportunity You will need to blend your sales pages within the platforms you created earlier. This takes practice.This begins the process of actually making money online. How? First you are not pressured into buying a system that may or may not work for you. So you are able to build relationships without actually looking like you are selling something. You wont get caught up and become a impulsive buyer. Trying to buy into to some system that promises to make you a millionaire overnight on autopilot. Experiment with free products. Try and find one with value, find one that you can use in your business. Find one, where you see the benefit in the free version as well as the upgrades, if anything please research the products you promote, that’s very important.
And finally wether you are just starting or an intermediate Affiliate Marketer, Beware of product over load.

Click to See :Youtube Video By Vince Reed
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Resource & Sources:

I like this site for the forum like and social media set up. It’s a networking site for Affiliate Marketers. Its set up to help in promoting your products while banding yourself. It provides cheap advertising and and option to make a few bucks. You can use this site, and you can promote it to others. Its ideal for beginners and gurus alike its just a great place to learn. You can check it out here. Visit : Resource #1

I like this resources for many reasons. First, you can cloak any link free, You can email their customers your products and services free. They have many educational courses you can can promote and get commission from. This is also a product to use and promote. You can find out more here : Resource #2

Free images : ( You can also google for images to share, no copyright images etc.)
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Youtube Video By Vince Reed
“ 3 Marketing Mistakes That Cost My Company Millions”

Published Article: 5 Tips On How To Get Leads Online Free, With Little Effort..

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