42 reasons why your startup will succeed!

Airbnb cereal

Did you know that in the early days of Airbnb, when the site wasn’t making any money, the founders transformed cereal boxes into Obama O’s and Cap’n McCains and sold them on the streets for $40 per box? Each one came with a limited-edition number and information about the company (Airbnb). Their bootstrapped marketing strategy netted them $30,000 to put toward the company.

Jeff Bezos 1995 Yahoo SEO hack

Did you know that one of the reasons Jeff Bezos choose the name “Amazon” was to exploit SEO in the early days of the internet? Way back in 1995 when Yahoo was the dominant search engine websites were listed alphabetically, meaning that a website name starting with an “A” appeared at the top of search results.

What entrepreneurs can learn from these stories

The entrepreneur coming from humble beginnings, working our way up with just an idea and maybe little savings. The backstories of these now successful entrepreneurs show us what’s possible if we are willing to break the rules (not all of them but some of them), embrace our creativity instead of the status quo, and aggressively exploit opportunities.

Don’t take my word for it, check it out!

Have you ever heard of a search engine called “Backrub”? You should know about it because you and everyone else you know use it every day.

Read the original article below to discover how Backrub, Airbnb, Amazon, and many other companies got their start in business. Have a great day. Cheers!



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