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It is extremely hard to quantify dota 2 gameplay with numbers because there’s so many small little nuances to the game. Just a teeny tiny example from one match I watched during TI6-

In the top lane on radiant side by the tower there are some trees that obstruct view ever so slightly. One of the dire side heroes witch dr is going for a kill on a really mobile radiant hero faceless void who has an ability to teleport away. What this means is that any movement that witch dr makes that gets spotted by the void and he teleports away to safety. So the witch dr jukes behind the trees and is able to hide for just a split second long enough to get the jump on the void. These are teeny tiny plays that seem like no big deal but actually have a gigantic impact on the game cus that little movement led to a player kill. And how do you quantify that? How can you quantify how well someone hides behind trees? It’s really hard if not impossible.

I would love to see more draft statistics though like when X hero is picked on the same side with Y hero their relative win rate raises this much except when countered by Z hero which gives a +/- advantage. That stuff isn’t much of a stretch to determine.

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