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The problem with halt is it’s so niche. I love the show but I’m a software developer and a gamer and love the period surrounding it. It’s a really hard sell for anyone who doesn’t have nostalgia regarding crpgs of the 80s and making boot disks on floppys and such. The acting and storylines did improve a ton in season 2, but it still views more like a weird period piece than a masterful drama. It’s one of my favorite shows on tv, but I get why most people wouldn’t like it.

Fear the walking dead on the other hand stinks. They had this huge chance and all this potential to show us walking dead in an amazing urban environment of LA and totally copped out. First half season 2 was basically walking dead at sea, which is not very interesting. I mean let’s face it, people don’t tune into the walking dead to see the dialogue and character progression. They want to see sick zombies get their heads smashed. And the regular walking dead show is so rural and distant and kind of slow paced action in many parts, it would’ve been spectacular to see a bunch of zombie fights in closer and more hectic quarters of a city. But instead now the gang is in the rural countryside of Mexico. Oh joy that’s real exciting!

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