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This is all patently false. Consoles are being pushed this direction due to digital content. Before you’d get your disc, pop it in and go, now since digital distribution is many times cheaper everyone’s pushing for that, which means your unit needs a lot more hard disk space, and titles no longer are platform specific. It makes no sense for a 3rd party developer to only release on xbox for example when they can have digital versions for pc, xbox and playstation with nearly the same dev costs cus hey we don’t have to print cartridges! Console gaming has gotten rather stale, it’s all cod and madden, while pc gaming is what’s pushing innovation with any inspired college kid able to pump out an indie title and distribute it on steam now. Consoles have to catch up or go extinct.

And while pc might have more up front costs of the hardware, it actually lasts quite a while (you can get 5–7 years out of a processor now and 2–3 out of $150 gpu) and you will absolutely make up all this cost on the price of games. Games discount heavily and quickly on steam and every other pc digital platform. I’ve spent maybe $500 over 5 years on my steam library and it’s over 1000 games, many of them triple A titles like Tomb Raider and Skyrim.

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