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What didn’t you like about it, that it had a resolved ending? I don’t get it, the show did lessen the focus on the actual murder and focus on Naz’s transformation, and he was transformed. Stone’s speech at the end was the most telling when he said how Naz was screwed the second the police booked him. 10 seconds later, and I’m paraphrasing his speech, they had their guy, they never interviewed anyone else. And even being innocent, Naz ends up screwed by the system and basically becomes not convicted over innocent. His life as he knew it is over, his community is forever changed, his family is ever changed. Though he may be better off in the end, since he alluded to not liking his life before and now he’s one badass who can get what he wants in life. Or he mad end up a homeless crack addict, that would suck. Point is, it WAS a show more about the system and the process and the victims of that than the victims of the crimes.

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