The Rush Week I never got to attend

So….what else to do?

The main reason, possibly the only reason, I wanted to go to college was to join a sorority. I admired the life long sister hood developed overtime, 4 year long slumber party, and get connections you have after college. I’m a very shy girl, so after losing some close friends its been hard for me to open up to new ones. I’m so scared that people with get bored with me.

Unfortunatly my college sucks and we have sororities but they only meet a couple of times during the week on campus. What’s a sorority without a house!? A scam, thats what. I’m not paying all this money, or going through all that hazing for a “club”. Needless to say, thats one goal i never got to cross off my list.

Fortunately I’ve come up with the next best thing. I love to read and have a few good friends who share this passion as well. We vowed to start a book club. I just wanted another excuse to stay close with my girls since were all graduating. This will hopefully keep us connected when our schedules are hectic. We’ll also be knitting, another hobbie I’ve been meaning to start for a while now. It’ll sooth my inner grandma. I’m soooo excited. I’ll let you guys know how the first meeting goes!

Have you guys ever been apart of a book club? What are some “must haves” for each meeting?

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