Why You Keep Waking Up At 4 A.M.
Kel Campbell

I am a night owl. Have been since I can remember. Even at age 5 I would stay up late while at my grandparent’s house and watch scary movies with grandma. My fav was Children of the Corn. Anyway, a friend who also stays up late night once said to me, while I was voicing the fact that I felt rather guilty for being “odd” as a night person, that its just easier to get things done in the middle of the night when everyone else is sleeping and therefore not bothering you. I had never thought of it that way. I wouldn’t necessarily categorize myself as an insomniac, because I choose to stay up, but often when I do go to bed at normal hours I will wake up prematurely and go back to sleep a few hours later. But I am a sleeper. I can sleep 14 straight, no prob. I would welcome a switch in society’s sleep rules though, for sure. Nice read!