A Full-Time Thinking Mind is Dangerous! Believe me…

Madhusudan Somani
Nov 26 · 5 min read
A guerrilla thinking something
A guerrilla thinking something

What..? Thinking is dangerous??

Well, I’m not saying that thinking is dangerous, but thinking all the time is way too much dangerous than thinking not at all.

Suppose you are a Content Creator. Your job is to create good quality content regularly and you enjoy your job. You join a company as a content creator and the company wants you to create amazing content every week.

Since content creation is your passion and you love doing this. So you start your work from the very first day. You meet your senior content executive in the cafe (to make the meeting casual). He tells you about the company, its content tone, working areas etc, which you’ll require while creating the content.

It’s been a great meeting and now you have understood completely about what exactly you’ll have to do to create that amazing content. Since you have some background knowledge and your passion for content creation, it’s an easy task for you. But you are told that the content has to be amazing like never before.

Your deadline for the work is Monday of the coming week.

And you are on your way, thinking about your new content’s headline, it’s motive, keeping the company’s criteria in mind. You made your full content journey about from where to start and how to close this. That’s nice, ya?

You are excited, right? You completed your first project within a day, why don’t you should feel excited, cheers!

Suddenly a new idea hits your mind and you thought this can be added in your content and this will make it more interesting. Again, you gave a full day to this new thought to be fitted in your content.

You made your plan with this new idea. This must be your next winning time, right? After-all you have done what you have thought of.

You went to bed, and thought of that “Amazing” was striking your mind continuously. You were thinking, “is this content really amazing to be acceptable by your head?”

That’s something to worry about, right?

By the way, you started writing your content, finally!

When you have written your first paragraph, you hit one more idea to use a better-designed image. Because the one which you are having is not suitable to the content. So you started looking for a better replacement for this.

While finding that image, you have seen a web-page containing an amazing quotation which can enhance the beauty of your content.

And that’s how the Thursday was passed.

Now it’s Friday and you have to write the content including images and quotes. You wake up early, you have done your exercise and now sitting on the computer table with tea and planning to write your content better than yesterday.

And… guess what..?

Finally, you are about to complete your content and all the graphics and quotes included. You had a lot of thoughts in between. And it took you 3 more days thinking about and implementing those thoughts.

Now, as you may have noticed that you had a problem of thinking continuously while working on anything. This overthinking while working took your Sunday also, ya that beautiful day when no one wants to work.


Wait, what? the Sunday??

It means it’s Monday today, the day of submission of your content. But you are not ready with your work. Well, you are going to office thinking about it’ll take only a little time to complete this and you can do that in the office also.

And again, as happened earlier, you are full of new thoughts which you are now trying eagerly to run away of those. But since it is your habit to think while working, which you might be thinking will improve productivity.

And the worst scene is going to happen. A peon comes to you asking you to reach the head’s cabin with your work.

I think you are able to feel what would have been your situation at that time. You would have been full of frustration. What would your senior content executive will think of. A good content creator was not able to complete a single task in as much time as a week.

You went to his cabin. And an intense discussion happened there…

It’s Tuesday today, a person who looks completely like you was having very long eye contact with you. Both were thinking, “why you have been fired”. Finally, you got your answer, and the eye contact broke when you started looking aside the mirror.

That’s what I was talking about. A full-time thinking mind is dangerous. It should not be thinking all the time. At-least at that time when it is not supposed to.

Don’t think that it can happen only for content creators, this can happen in any field. And most probably you have seen this or felt this in any part of your life.

Don’t Work when you are Thinking, and Don’t Think when you are Working.

If you focus on your thoughts when it’s time to do so, that is great and it’s a required step to do a good work. But when you are thinking while executing the work, it’s harmful, in fact, it’s very harmful.

The best way to overcome this is to have a notebook or diary and note down all your thoughts here. Once you have completed your thinking process, make a to-do list by dividing your task into sub-tasks. Complete them one by one. And remember, don’t think while you are completing your tasks.

Have you ever experienced this type of situation? Comment below and let us know how you fought them?

Madhusudan Somani

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A passionate blogger by heart and mind. Founder of MSS Articles. Content Writer by Profession. Catch me on Instagram & Twitter: @mssarticles

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