The Excitement & Fear of Selling Your First Product

Madhusudan Somani
Dec 1 · 4 min read

Have you ever sold your own product. A product developed by you, marketed by you and sold by you.

I haven’t. But now I’m almost ready with it.

I’m a blogger, a content writer. And this is the first time, when I thought of selling something. I created a Content Calendar, which can also be referred as Year Planner.

Actually I was using this planner from starting of this year (2019). Last year, I was searching for one on the internet, but didn’t found one, which fits in my requirement. Some planners I found their are either doesn’t fit even the common requirements or asked me to pay for it. So I decided to create myself.

Ya, it took almost 1 month to plan and create that planner. But it helped me a lot to plan my work. Like deciding, when to write a new blog-post. After writing a post, I can easily schedule social posts for that article etc.

I’m also working with a company, Croblaze as a Digital Marketer, where I created a version which fits my requirement there. This helped me a lot in optimizing my time, because in a company, you have to go through a lot of work and thinking process.

When one of my senior saw that content planner, he asked one copy for himself. I edited the copy to fits their needs. And he loved it.

At that time, I thought of selling this planner on my website, MSS Articles — Unboxing Marketing.

But if I have sold it for money, this would be the same condition which forced me to create my own content planner.

So I decided to give it for free. I created a copy of the planner, which I think would fit perfectly in everyone’s common requirements. I’m on it, once I launch the product, I’ll give the link in the comment below in this article. So if you need one, just go and get it.

I’m very excited and working from last 2 months for this. May-be I have edited the copy at least 8–10 times, and still on it. I’m ready with the landing page after editing it 10–15 times.

Preparing to sell my Year Planner 2020 for Free

This excitement also has a hidden fear. A fear, if no one will be interested in this. A fear, if people give bad reviews for it etc.

Sometimes, I think why anyone will show their interest in downloading this planner, print it, assemble it and then use it. Instead they can use a simple calendar also.

But then I revised as this planner helped me to save my time while working efficiently, so they will also get benefited by this.

Since I’m a college student also, so sometimes I have a fear of what my friends would say about it. This is the same reason I am excited about. Can you imagine the feeling of presenting your product in front of your friends and teachers.

Actually I wanted to fit my own picture somewhere in the landing page you saw above. But didn’t found one which I can post there. It may be because of fear of being mocked by my friends.

Well, I failed in this task and will try to overcome it in next version of something like this, may be on any quote which I post sometimes on my Instagram Wall.

In playing this fear-excitement game, a quote by Robert Kiyosaki inspired me a lot, he says, “Don’t let the fear of loosing be greater than the excitement of winning”.

With this excitement, I’ll be going to launch my first product soon. I hope it will give me good results.

Wish me the best for my first product launch — Year Planner 2020. This will help you to plan and organize your week, month in fact the year in advance. I’ll share the link below in the comments once it gets launched.

Have you ever experienced something like this? What were your actions and outcome you got from those action? Let me know in the comments below.

Follow me to get my new articles in your feed, till then, have a nice time!

Madhusudan Somani

Written by

A passionate blogger by heart and mind. Founder of MSS Articles. Content Writer by Profession. Catch me on Instagram & Twitter: @mssarticles

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