Inspire yourself

“… no one better knows yourself more than you do.”

Life is full of obstacles and roll coaster feelings, but one can be constant. That is you being happy. Happiness or the state of being happy doesn’t need material things or even extravagant events. You smiling over food, music, experience and the small chit chats you would have to a person can be a source of happiness. It is in you, there in your heart. Don’t be to harsh on yourself, love yourself and be confident on yourself.

I know loving yourself is one of the hardest things to do in life. You know your flaws, weakness, blemishes, mistakes and even misconception of other people on yourself. But time will come, you will realize that no one is perfect, all have their own insecurities and you gonna love what’s yours. Don’t let other people define your happiness. Be you and love you.

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