Dear Mama,

When I look at you, I envision the miles you’ve traveled, the love and joy you’ve shared, the pain you’ve endured, the goals you’ve accomplished and the disappointment you’ve experienced. I see resilience, I see strength, I see a Mother who never thought she could be, but did. I see the woman who God knitted me inside your womb, who spent many sleepless hospital nights between me and Asaad. They called us your miracle babies, you almost died giving birth to Asaad at Centinela Hospital. Yet, you survived. Now, fast forward to present and you’ve been overcoming colon cancer and by the blood of Jesus, His stripes you are healed! You are more than a conqueror! Your body is healed, your mind is healed and your spirit has been set free. I speak this over you as you prepare for your next surgery. Can’t remember the last Mother’s Day we spent together or spoke on because we’ve skipped some years. But, this year I made sure to break that cycle. Especially, when I think of my loved ones who don’t have the ability to just pick up the phone to hear their mother’s voice (Auntie KK, Auntie Tina, Nana, Granny Mavis). I don’t take it for granted. I’ve accepted, forgiven and understood that I’m being used by God to break many generational curses that date further back than just you and Grandma. Something that just isn’t talked enough about in our culture. The patterns, the cycles, the programming, it all shows up when it hasn’t been dealt with. And, I’ve accepted that challenge daily. Unlearning and learning. Therefore, regardless of the seasons of when we speak and when we don’t, my love for you is an agape love that can’t and won’t ever be cut. So today and every day I honor you as my Mother. I would not be the woman that I have been becoming if it weren’t for you. Because of your choice, I had a father who was a prophet and the two of you together, laid a foundation that led to making sure I was never not woke to the ills of this world and how I would have to navigate it with my mind. From tutors teaching me several languages, Charles Drew Saturday Science Academy, a Korean Elementary school where you permitted them to skip me a grade, M.E.S.A. Programs before it was called S.T.E.M. Or how you only would grocery shop at Mrs. Gooches in Beverly Hills, now known as Whole Foods, Simply Wholesome off Slauson ave or 3rd st. Farmer’s Markets because you knew food was the ultimate medicine. You made sure to give me balance too with putting me in dance companies, pageants and running around with me to auditions. Though, you took overprotective mother to another level when high school came, I was only 12 going on 13 when I stepped onto Uni High’s campus, so I get it. But damn. Because of you, I had the confidence to experience an amazing fashion career at a young age, working at fashion empires to working with A-list celebrity talent. Because of you, I’ve been able to support high level executives the way you used to so effortlessly. Because of you, I never hesitated to start passion projects and attempt to turn them into a company. But it wasn’t until I was with my husband did I remember first hand how you helped my papa bear build his business from the ground up. I got to see how a Queen moves to protect her King. And though you parted ways, despite the demons you both were battling, you never spoke ill of him, and I will always love you for that. As different as we are, I am grateful for the many gifts I’ve inherited from you. So in case you ever wonder what you mean to me, here’s my Dear Mama letter, you are appreciated and I love you. Happy Mother’s Day.

-Your Mini Me