Selling online: keys for success! A guide for marketplace sellers
Bastien Moreau

Bastien Moreau Thanks for sharing your thoughts. This is very insightful.

I think one of the main problems in Marketplaces in MENA region and Jumia is no exception is merchandising. The number of products listed is too small within each seller. There should be at least 50 separate SKUs for each category they compete in and around 200 SKUs if the products compete in only one category. This will allow the creation of a reasonably large landing page and to compete with other sellers in the same, or similar category.

The other thing i personally notice is the perceived low quality and inauthenticity of the sold product by many sellers in an attempt to cope with the price inflations and target the critical mass of low-average income customers. This results in a very negative user experience of higher income customers who are using the ecommerce platform for their convenience and peace of mind rather than trying to hunt for a bargain deal.

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