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Shuki From Nazareth

An animated series following Shuki, a carpenter from Roman-era Judea, with a penchant for street magic. In the pilot he gets himself into a bit of hot water with the Romans after a trick gone awry (he pissed off the wrong Rabbi with a joke involving a foreskin and some fireworks). While dying on the cross he meets God (who appears as a Force Ghost; not coincidentally, God’s a huge Star Wars nerd) who explains to Shuki that he messed up big time by getting himself killed early. He was going to change the world! But instead, Shuki is now destined to die (he will die in almost every episode) and reanimate across different eras all while learning lessons about the universe and his magic powers. The series finally ends when Shuki masters his powers and figures out how to reappear back in Roman-era Judea, three days after he originally placed on the cross.

Adult Swim: $2

Dramedy: $5

Animated: $2

Rotating cast of guest stars as every episode takes place in a different era. ($4 per guest star)

However, H. Jon Benjamin as God ($5) is a must. Charlie Day ($3) would be perfect as Shuki

Time-travel: $5

TOTAL: $26

(p.s. I have the pilot written out, if anyone wants to take a look)

(p.p.s. I’m serious about the pilot)

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