<title>Little Bit of Me</title>

I was introduced to computer science when I was in community college as requirements for transferring but I didn’t understand why. It wasn’t until after I transferred to UC Davis that this computer science concept came back up. I transferred as a Physics major because I enjoyed the deep analytical problem solving and heavy dependency on math, but I never expected programming to be so ingrained in Physics.

We began using several different libraries for statistical analysis, plotting and even big data processing. I started to understand that a huge part of what Physics entails is observing and capturing data and creating processes to analyze and understand what the data is trying to tell us. That whole pipeline is managed by writing programs to control each step of the way. I found this incredibly fascinating.

Once I finished my Physics degree, I decided to continue my career at a small GIS firm. I know, there isn’t a lot of Physics going on in GIS, but I was intrigued with the data analysis they were doing there. I enrolled in MOOCs and took several online tutorials to bring me up to speed with the team. I helped create scripts to analyze county wide EMS data to detect errors and changes. Currently I’m working on designing algorithms to analyze addressing irregularities for companies like ATT and DirecTv.

I want to be a software engineer because creating front to back solutions that provide value to our clients is so satisfying. I want to be part of those teams that brain storm on today’s problems and architect a plan of attack to solve it. I chose Holberton School because I am a hands on learner and I want to learn from people working in the industry today. I believe that Holberton School embodies my vision that even though I do not come from a computer science background, I can take my current skill set and rise to the challenge to become a software engineer.