How to improve at Basketball:

Hello all. i am here to show you and teach you how to be good at playing basketball. i have played and watched basketball my whole life. i have been to many professional basketball games and college games as well. In high school i was the leading three point shooter and played as a point guard. Basketball is an intense sport and you can never give up on it. You have to give it your all 100% of the time. You have to practice to be good at it. When i played through high school i went to a personal trainer to get better. I also spent many nights after practice, practicing my dribbling skills and getting better at free throws. a key part in getting better at something is having dedication to it. Of course everyone has a lot of things going on in their lives but time needs to be dedicated to improvement. A favorite quote of mine is by a professional basketball player Tim Duncan: “ Good, Better, Best. Never Let It Rest. Until Your Good Is Better And You Better IS Best.” This quote should help everyone persevere in becoming an astounding basketball player.

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