Why so angry?
Noel Franus

By the time you issued your response, it had long been let go, nor was I “angry.” But I will say this: it is tedious. For as long as I have been alive, and residing in the godly South for most of those years, those who express a religious opinion — no matter how far removed from reality or, for that matter, basic human dignity that opinion may be — have enjoyed a protected status that effectively prohibits any negative reaction or even neutral scrutiny. And it’s tiresome.

This piece was decidedly, distinctly, and quite purposefully written in a secular tone. It concerned one person’s seemingly unforgivable transgression against another, and the superhuman virtue it took to forgive anyway. It concerned human interaction and its beauties, tragedies, and practicalities. The person to whom I was responding cheapened it in two ways: one, she transformed the issue from one regarding transgression against a fellow person to, under the veil of “sin,” transgression against her particular flavor of the supernatural; and two, she morphed the notion of forgiveness given for the sake of kindred sentiment with fellow man to forgiveness given for the sake of posthumous, personal reward.

And I find such deliberate transmogrification, away from the human and toward unscrupulous divine, to be distasteful. That was what I was commenting about. Hope that clarifies things for you.

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