You blocked responses to your reply to me so I came back to this comment to reply, what are you so…
Louis Weeks

I didn’t block responses; I saw your response just fine. I blocked view of responses because invariably when I discuss this topic online, or anything even tangentially discussing men’s rights issues, I get harassed/doxed or something similar. I’m not saying that you would; you’re quite reasonable. But it happens nearly every time, and so I have gotten to a point that I try to cut it off at the pass. People tend not to do it if they know that I am the only one who will see their response.

It’s ironic, because I have spent at least 250 pro bono hours the past year alone trying to free a man who was wrongfully convicted of rape 30 years ago. I can give you a link to the motion if you’re interested.

As for your substantive points, I have to work but will try to get back to you this evening.

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