Then went on a long tirade justifying the lower standards, you can’t have it both ways, most of…
Louis Weeks

Nope, sorry. After making very clear points along the way that you have obviously mischaracterized, misconstrued, and at this point flatly lied about, after acting like an asshole and then pretending to be upset that I called you out for it, you have veered from asking reasonable questions to unfettered and uncalled-for nonsense. This is why I usually just avoid trying to engage people like you. You don’t listen. You live with a perpetual sense of victimhood. Everything is so unfair to you.

Pointing out that I’ve been assaulted is not “playing the victim” card. It’s just stating a fact that is relevant to this discussion. Pointing out that I have been stalked, threatened, and harassed is not “playing the victim card.” It is stating facts. You, on the other hand, griping about being called names on leftists online forums as though it’s somehow equivalent? That’s playing the victim card. And it’s pathetic. No wonder you have so many issues.

I’m not giving you any more of my time.

And for the love of god. I don’t know how anyone can be so obtuse to claim that I limited his responses while he responds. I can only gather that you’re very young.

You don’t understand the simple distinction between a criminal and civil proceeding (or are simply playing dumb). I can’t get anywhere with a person who can’t grasp that very basic difference or, hell, understand the very simply language of the bill of rights.

Take care. Try to calm down, read, and act a bit more rational next time. You’re free to go back and read my original posts to you because I am not reposting them here for you to simply ignore again.

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