But I don’t need your charity.
Bruce Majors

Oh please. Talk to me when you have a cursory understanding of how Nixon’s “law and order” policies (sound familiar?), his war on drugs, Reagan’s continuation of those policies, and then most recently the explosion of truth-in-sentencing and three strikes and mandatory minimums, fueled by the private prison industry’s relationship with lawmakers and attempts to economically extort small towns, have imprisoned black people, torn fathers out of families, created permanently impoverished generations, and generally made it a hundred times harder for black people to succeed. Talk to me when you understand how PRIDE and PIE industries started collaborating with private corporations to use inmate labor, and then how that desire for cheap labor translated into criminal justice policies that enormously hindered black communities. Talk to me about why your party keeps trying to cut school lunch programs and subsidized meals for poor black kids.

Nobody is entirely blameless for the plight of economically underserved black children. But for you to histrionically call education “kidnapping,” and to non-ironically use the term “educrat” as an insult, is such blind partisan hackery that I find it impossible to take you seriously.

And I particularly find it difficult to take seriously the idea that you give a damn about black and brown children if your primary concern actually amounts to a factless invective against the political party you happen to dislike.

Your rant doesn’t even make sense (I suppose that goes without saying). Corporate democrats get money from the same damn corporations as Republicans. And you clearly fail to see the paternalistic claptrap that you’re ultimately putting forward: that black and brown people vote for Democrats because they don’t know any better. Aren’t you so kind to think you can do their thinking for them.

Take your hackneyed politicization of the suffering of children to the alternative “news” sites that have been educating you so poorly.