As a former abortion patient I would like to share some perspective for you Stephen.
Denise Mountenay

So you’re an insufferable, intolerant person who wishes to shove her own religious beliefs on others. Nobody is here to listen to you proselytize. And you show the very same type of scare-tactic visuals that the author clearly demonstrated were so despicable — ostensibly without a shred of self-awareness.

And only a person who hadn’t actually bothered to read the original piece would claim that he makes the procedure sound like “no big deal.” Do not translate your own ignorance and irresponsibility as others’. You chose to use abortion as birth control? That’s all on you, and I agree, it makes you a questionable person ethically. Shame on you.

Shame on you for coming here to preach, shame on you for throwing out completely false statistics, and shame on you for being so unconscious of your own existence and how repugnant it is that you would come here to try to ‘explain’ what you clearly don’t understand and never will.

You’re a terrible person.