That is exactly what you said (in support of your “deep state” conspiracy beliefs.
Kady M.

“The problem is clearly your reading comprehension. You have completely ignored the first six words in that statement, which clearly indicate that I am not expressing a personal opinion; I am speculating on something that others believe,”

Ah, using the old, “I’m just asking questions!” line that Trump has perfected. “Hey, I’m just quoting someone else. I’m just throwing out a quote. It’s not what I believe.” It’s entirely disingenuous, particularly when the original post that you wrote called McCain the “president of the deep state” with no qualifications or caveats. Now you’re trying to back away from your original sentiment. If you’d like to talk about accepting surrender, I’d say this is a pretty telling retreat from your original post.

Well, it certainly meant something to the Democrats who voted against him. Many of them cited the fact that they believed Mr. Gorsuch would be insufficiently independent of the President.

And oddly, they are lawyers as well, for the most part.

If that’s the conversation you intended to have, you didn’t come close to expressing it.

Well how lovely. You strike me as being unable to comprehend a simple english sentence. But let’s just let that go for the moment.

That’s simply not true. If you go back through this conversation, you can clearly see that you’ll say one thing, I respond, then you rejoin by saying something entirely different, all the while faulting me for not understanding what you really meant. See above, for crying out loud. Speaking about judges who “follow the law instead of government authority” (which, as I pointed out, makes no sense at all) is a far cry from “judges who are willing to rule against the president” (which is the best I can gather from your general complaint about the Dems during the confirmation hearings). If it was the latter you meant to express, you didn’t do so. So don’t attempt to come back now and claim I “don’t understand English.” It’s rubbish, and I think the beginning of the post above makes it rather clear that at least some part of you knows that.

Have a good night. I really do have actual work, but thanks for the conversation.

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