One can grieve for the lady, but by her own words, her treatment is going to be long, expensive…
David Argall

This is just not true. Obamacare imposed taxes on the wealthiest earners (that will be eliminated in this bill) and was not falling apart. The “sky is falling” narrative from right wing media sources has been demonstrated false over and over again.

What’s more, I have no idea how you could analogize preexisting conditions restrictions to shots (“nobody likes them!”) The analogy is so bad I don’t even know how to explain to you how bad it is. The two things are not analogous.

It is beyond comprehension how a seemingly reasonable person can look at the system we have, look at the fact that we are the wealthiest country that has ever existed, look at the fact that every other first-world country has managed to provide health insurance to its people (without throwing sick people off coverage), and still think, “Nope, we can’t do it! Sick people gonna have to die!” It’s preposterous. Of course we can do it, and the first step would be eliminating the for-profit motive of health insurance companies. There is absolutely no reason for them to exist. Beyond the profit motive, they skyrocket overhead. (One can see this clearly in the difference between regular medicaid plans and the privately-operated Part D plans; the overhead of the latter is far, far higher. That’s money that could go straight to care.)

It’s particularly amusing that many of the same people who are trotting out this line (“we just can’t afford to give health care to sick people”) were the same who groused about “death panels”…

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