Well your stands do seem pretty harsh to men just because they are men.
Louis Weeks

Well your stands do seem pretty harsh to men just because they are men. I can see why people would be unhappy with some of the things you say considering how I am sure you would never demand all women lose due process rights for any reason.

Oh good fucking grief. I explicitly stated that the due process procedures of college investigations should be beefed up. You are selectively reading my post (if reading it at all). I made one overarching point here: very, very few sexual assault allegations at the college level result in any discipline. If they do, it’s most often a reprimand or required counseling.

What’s more, there is a distinct difference between someone not liking what I say and someone harassing, doxxing, or stalking me. You almost tacitly condone the latter, although I am going to apply a principle of charity and assume that’s not what you meant.

Additionally, I made no statements with respect to the treatment of men in particular anyway. I have no control over the fact that men rape more than women and are thus more apt to be subject to a rape allegation. (I’m sure you’ll find some way to dispute that.) That’s really beyond my control.

For me it just proves you know you are being unreasonable and want to limit who can reply. If you are not willing to accept replies to the stuff you say, why post on public forums in the first place?

You have any idea how many times I get called ugly names on this far left forum? This is a far left echo chamber and I am a Conservative /Libertarian, you have never seen the kind of abuse I have endured but I put myself here and have to accept the results of my decision to participate in this area.

Playing the victim is not going to get you very far with me.

Now you’re veering into asshole territory. First, and I don’t know how to make this more clear to you because you’re replying to me now, I DID NOT LIMIT WHO CAN REPLY. YOU ARE REPLYING TO ME. How is this so difficult for you to understand.

Again, there is a distinct difference between jerk comments in a message board and being directly harassed, targeted, doxxed, stalked etc. You clearly have never experienced the latter personally, which is why you claim that I am “playing the victim.” What a twat you are. No, I have directly been targeted with doxxing of my personal information, death threats, and rape threats, all for having the temerity to express an opinion that someone else didn’t like (or, hell, for relaying factual information). I’m not putting my physical safety at risk so that you can see other people’s replies below an online function.

And oh the irony of you telling me not to “play the victim” directly below you playing the victim because people said mean things to you online. You don’t even recognize in yourself your deep sense of perpetual victimhood, do you.

And yet you still believe it is justified to only hold men to this standard in college? Men somehow deserve to have their due process rights erased? I do not understand how you can be actively involved in trying to help a man deal with a wrongful conviction for rape but you at the same time support wrongful convictions of men at the college level because there is no possibility of jail time?

Either the men are treated fairly or they are not, their gender should not matter.

I never said men’s due process should be erased. I made a very easy and clear statement of fact: the constitutional rights to representation and confronting one’s accuser were laid out by the founders to apply ONLY IN CRIMINAL PROSECUTIONS. If you have a beef with that, you’ll need to take it up with Madison and Jefferson.

In your haste to assume that I am “anti-man,” you clearly missed 1.) that I never said what you’re claiming I said and 2. agreed with you on the need for due process in university investigations.

Good lord.

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