Nice little word salad you’ve got there, with a dash of oil and vitriol dressing.
Ryder Spearmann

“Word salad”? You remind me of the guy who learns a new words and then starts using it in every sentence, regardless of how inapt it is. Writing is not “word salad” simply because you lack reading comprehension or don’t like the content. I am further amused that you’d use that term, considering you have such a hard time forming a cogent sentence or coherent thought.

“ I then explained (to the all present, including blacks), that I got the story wrong… I had “accidentally” got the races backward. And I also got the century wrong. It was the early 2000's.”

In other words, you’re an asshole. Got it. (Granted, I had it full well before.)

I will say this one more time and then leave you to yell at the clouds: this story had zero to do with race. It wasn’t mentioned. The only thing race had to do with it is that Dr. Carson happens to be black. You brought race into the conversation, even “joking” about Obama not being. black.

You are, as I noted before and know even better after reading this… gem of a tale, consumed with ideations of reverse-racism and being wrongly labeled. In the words of our dear leader, sad.

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