EU Referendum Blues

So this is my first Medium blog post. I’ve been wanting to do this for ages and finally, I’ve gotten round to doing it. I’ll start by writing about the biggest thing of the day, well, more like the biggest thing of my generation: the EU referendum.

Everyone is talking about it. Everyone is bored of it. It is really about who gets the keys to No.10. We are witnessing the Gove/Boris Game of Thrones race to knock David Cameron out of No.1o. They are highly educated, but too stupid to realise that neither of them will make it to No.10. Instead, what they’ll end up doing is finishing off the Tory party and their careers in a spectacular fashion.

Anyone with a brain can see that this blue-on-blue action (sounds like a porno, doesn't it?) isn't really about the referendum. It’s about trying to grab the keys to No.10. Gove, Boris et al, have decided that Cameron must go.

The Tory Game of Thrones

They do not care about the country they are meant to be serving. They do not care that despite the UK being the fifth richest country in the world, thousands of people are relying on food banks. They do not really care about social mobility, or the NHS, or keeping the street lights on. It is all about themselves and who knocks Cameron off his perch.

What we are seeing is a bunch of rich, white, privately-educated, middle-aged, men fighting like kids to be King of the Playground.

I know I’m not alone in being bored with the cockfighting. I found Sunday Politics so enthralling earlier that I fell asleep 20 minutes through. I missed the Marr Show. I guess my body didn’t see the point of waking me up for that. I’ve become more and more disinterested in the referendum and cockfighting as time goes by. The EU Referendum is being forced down our throats, with the shabby, barely-concealed, Tory Game of Thrones. People are sick of it.

It will be interesting to see what happens after the referendum. If the UK votes to remain, what will happen to Gove, Boris and all the other anti-Cameronites? I hope Cameron sacks the lot of them. Especially Gove, whom he gave a top job to, and Boris, the Trump with a thesaurus, who has obviously been desperate to become PM for years.

Tory Game of Thrones cover on ‘The New Statesman’

What will happen if the UK votes to leave the EU? It seems likely that there will be a coup in the Tory party and Cameron will be ousted from No.10. What will become of him and Gideon? If they are removed from their jobs, it is obvious Gove and Boris will fight for the leadership. They will turn on each other, there will be more of the sniping we are currently witnessing. One of them will get into No.10, the other will be Chancellor of the Exchequer. If this happens, it will not be democratic.

If Cameron is pushed out of his job or quits, it is of my opinion that a General Election should be called.

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