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Niamh Aughney
Mar 1 · 3 min read

The first website evaluation I will discuss regarding UX Design improvements is iTutorGroup.

I completed a TEFL Certificate last year to teach english online. I wanted a remote job to earn extra cash for when I was a student in University. It proved difficult in finding remote work but easy to find a job should I want to move abroad. I found most TEFL remote jobs only hired teachers from America. My interview was successful with TutorABC and I began working from the comfort of my own home teaching children from Taiwan and China.


In order to cancel your roster for the week ahead, it is divided into two segments; urgent and future. After testing out the interface, I found a very simple but effective improvement. I would forget to fill in the box with the reason and skip straight to submit. It actually doesn’t give a prompt to go back and fill it in, instead it accepts. I receive a confirmation that it is rejected and I have to go back and re-do the same procedure again.


Change: The Reason box should be moved down after selecting the dates.

It’s something so small and simple but yet so frustrating when it comes to user design.

Second evaluation: Bus Éireann

Irish Public Transit.

  1. Flexibility/Freedom:

If you click the back button nothing is saved and by default goes to ‘View Timetable’ the second button instead of staying on ‘Buy Tickets’.

Severity rating: 4 — usability catastrophe; imperative to fix

2. Clean & Functional Design/Support Error Recovery:

There are no buses from 12am-4am so unsure why this is an option. There is no choice to include all the times throughout the day which is a disappointment.

The same goes for other options (4am-8am).

3. Clean & Functional Design/ Provide Help:

When clicked ‘Show Later’ the screen goes blank and if you scroll to the top theres an indicator something is wrong (unable to process your search).

Severity rating: 3 — major usability problem; important to fix

Ideation from completing Human-Centered Design, University of California, San Diego, Coursera.

Next steps will be to redesign these pressure points. If anyone would like a free audit/consultation you can contact: to get in touch directly.

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Niamh Aughney

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Marketing Consultant, Accenture

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