Want a Reliable Path for Boosting Your Public Speaking Poise?

Marjorie Saulson
Mar 1, 2017 · 2 min read

I have long believed that in life there is no stasis. You are either shrinking or growing.

Since I choose to grow, and since I also mentor people who want to grow their communication skills and ability to speak in public with effectiveness, ease and confidence; I finally decided that it was way past time for me to join Toastmasters.

You may wonder why someone who has already amassed a great deal of skill in this area would seek to join a group in which most members start out at a much lower level of expertise.

My reasons for doing so are four-fold:

  1. To continue growing my own skills;
  2. To gain increased understanding of the challenges facing those who truly fear speaking in public; whether in 1-on-1 conversations, networking, on the phone, in meetings, making presentations, in videos, on podcasts, online, or on stage;
  3. To therefore be of greater service to my private clients, audiences and those who follow me; and
  4. To enhance the experiences of my audiences, by upgrading the quality of my own presentations, workshops and keynote addresses.

Based on my very short experience as a member of the Bloomfield (Michigan) Toastmasters, I highly recommend that you find and join a local Toastmasters group yourself.

Beyond the basics of improving people’s public speaking abilities, Toastmasters enables members to gain skills in a variety of areas, including various leadership skills that can serve you well in many situations. In fact the tagline on the Toastmasters website is Where Leaders Are Made.

I invite you to go to Toastmasters.org and check out this amazing organization for yourself.

And do please remember that I am always here to support you along your path to honing your own effective messages, acquiring powerful presentations skills, and overcoming any nerves or fears; so that you achieve your fondest dreams and most ambitious goals.

To consult with me during a complimentary Speak Freely VIP Chat, simple fill out the form at VibrantVocalPower.com/speakfreely, so that we can make the best use of our time together.

Originally published at Vibrant Vocal Power, Inc..

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