Wow, Samsung actually did one thing better than Apple

If you take a look at the new Samsung Watch, the iconography and features look very familiar. They even figured some things out along the way, such as you shouldn’t attach a keyboard to a watch.

But what struck me as a surprisingly good move is the screen and the dial around it:

It’s big because it reminds you that the round screen is what we expect from a watch. It makes it feel more like a watch and less than, as one my Twitter follower called it, “an iPod on a strap.”

But the most interesting part is the thing around the screen. It’s a scrollable bezel that lets you zoom in and out.

Samsung copied the crown mechanism from the Apple Watch, but they implemented it around the watch face rather than as an individual piece.

That blends it naturally with the device and screen, is easier to access than the crown (for lefties and righties), and doesn’t feel like a hack.

Perhaps the most bizarre thing is how reminiscient this is of the iPod. I mean, it’s a play that would have been out of the Apple playbook.

Design speaks to you, and right now its telling me that it’s being neglected at Apple.