Who are We

Part 1: Story of my Life in 100 Words

It It all started with me being born Rzeszow, Poland on April 20, 2002. I grew up as a ordinary polish baby and was given “majeranek” when I was sickly or not feeling well.

When I was two years old my dad flew to the US to be followed by me and my mom a month later. I grew up in Mount Prospect, Illinois.

I made a lot of friends at Robert Frost Elementary School and I am friends with some of them to this day and a Friendship Jr. High School. I am still friends with many of them today.

Part 2: Graphing my Life

Boths graphics from CreateAGraph

Part 3: Music That Moves Me

When I was like 4 or 5 this was the first song I ever listened to. I was getting a ride home from kindergarten or preschool and my dad began playing this song. I guess I sort of enjoyed it and asked my dad to play it again when I got him. It was the first song I remember actually listening and enjoying. It also reminds me of how much more time I used to spend with my dad and with my family when I was younger.

From youtube

Part 4: Snapshot of a Moment — 9:00 p.m. on Friday night

Part 5: My Vine — A Typical Moment

Me pretending that I know what I’m doing with a soccer ball. Creds to Thomas the Train

Part 6: Famous People I Admire

Johnnie Cochran

Photo Credit: Wikipedia.

Johnnie Cochran was a famous defense lawyer who defended many famous innocent people including O.J Simpson and Rosa Parks. He also helped many people with cases against police brutality and such. I would like to be like him because he has helped a lot of people and it seems like it would feel great to help someone avoid false charges and help innocent people not go to jail or prison.

Colonel (Harland) Sanders

Photo Credit: Wikipedia.

He was basically a person who had a very hard life and had a very hard time finding a job. He was rejected from thousands of jobs until he finally settled down and started a gas station. He really liked to cook chicken so during the day he turned his gas station’s personal living quarters into a sort of diner and over 10 years he perfected his chicken recipe and the method he used to cook the chicken. His gas station almost failed during the great depression but he managed to pull through. After the great depression he managed to pull out of being poor and went from being a simple gas station owner to owning a company (KFC) which he later sold for around $1.5 billion. This is very inspirational and shows that no matter your situation you can always pull through and achieve something.

Michael Jordan

Photo Credit: Wikipedia.

Michael Jordan is another example of a person who failed before succeeding. He was rejected by his high school coach but later turned out to be one of the best if not the best basketball player in history. I think it is important like his words “I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.” They mean that it is impossible to succeed without failing and that everyone will fail to do something at one point.

Part 7: Favorite Quote

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

-Norman Vincent Peale

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