Follow Your Customer Buying Cycle for Better Email Conversions

It’s all about the customer buying cycle

Know Your customer buying cycle

Do you know your customer buying cycle? If so, then you know it takes several types of content to move them along the process. How does this have any relevancy to email marketing? Easy, you cannot develop only one type of cycle content for your emails. Everyone is in a different stage and require different types of information. You can of course create separate email lists and segment your subscribers accordingly to sign up options. This May be the easiest way to know which leads are sales qualified and which ones are still determining their issues.

By understanding the customer buying cycle, you can then send relevant updates accordingly. Examine their behaviors with your emails. Perhaps they are clicking and reviewing one type of information over another. Maybe they spammed you or unsubscribed because your efforts are not what they are expecting. Knowledge is key to victory and through knowledge and experience you can develop key content to turning them into customers.

Key points to consider

  • Know their pain points
  • Know where they are in their buying cycle
  • Offer relationship building content
  • Be personable in your content
  • Offer feedback options

Mix in a variety of content for every stage in the customer buying cycle

Mixing in a variety of content for your customer buying cycle is important to the growth and stability of your email lists. Not only does it send out the right message to the right people, it can also garner new interest. While it takes a ton of work to create content in this manner, its better to catch more fish than just than one at a time. Your emails are not just for blabbing about your products and boring offerings. Now is the time to educate the consumer. I’ve unsubscribed from lists that sends me an email without education in it. I don’t give second chances, so if you can’t inform your customers, then you have a problem.

Better content leads to better conversions for other email campaigns

While managing the whole bag to a customer buying cycle is difficult, it doesn’t mean that your alone. When your customer focused, you will find angles to present relevant information that suits their buying cycle habits. It will shape itself in the awareness, consideration, purchasing and delight phase. Getting the experience will be tough, and this is why offering a mix of content in every email can help lead to better conversions for specific niche areas in your marketing environment. You may suffer some churn, but running a general campaign should help you land strong leads in other niche areas that are more specific to the information they need and to the buying stage they are in. Thanks for reading, check us out for your next email campaign at

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