Dear Sick Boyfriend

I was not feeling good that day. I felt ugly, and I was having a bad hair day. It was so hot which made me feel worst. You made me feel independent, but you also made me feel well-taken care of. You made me feel beautiful.

Today, I was not able to come with you in Pampanga for your niece’s seventh year old birthday party. I really wish to come, but there is something inside me that says, “Stay home and bond with your mother.” I know it will be hard for Mama and me to bond later on especially when the class starts again.

Morning came, and you sent me a joke asking where am I as if you were waiting for me. This really made me want to choose going with you than go shopping with Mama. However, it was early and I choose to go on sleeping. I guess I would choose sleeping over you or Mama.

We almost did not talk for the whole day, only some little updates like where you are and if I have eaten. I knew you were enjoying your day because you are with your family. I hope you did. I never get to ask you anything about it because you went home sick, and you wanted to close your eyes and rest.

I really missed you today… You knew I missed you yesterday as well… I miss you everyday! I hope to see you tomorrow, but I know we have commitments to make.

Waiting is hard. I find it really hard to wait. I hate waiting… specially when I have to wait to see you.

But I realized how my love for you grows everytime I wait. It makes me want to take care of you. It makes me want to support you in your decisions. It makes me want to encourage you. It makes me excited to see you. It gives me ideas on how I can love you more.

It makes me pray for you.

I usually talk to God about random stuff — anything that pops up in my head, which is usually YOU. God and I have been talking too much about you. I always tell Him that I love you, but He always says HE loves us more, which makes me love Him more. He reminds me that you are His instrument of His Love for me. This made me realize that I am His instrument to show His love for you too.

We are His. So let us take care of each other’s hearts. Let us make our spirits lit up for His presence. Let us live our lives pleasing to God. Let us make our relationship the light that other young couples can see.

Let us love each other properly.

I really hope to see you soon — sit with you, eat with you, and exchange stories with you. I wanted to feel your hand and your love. I wanted to take care of you. But I have to wait until the time comes I am best fit to take care of you. I will leave you to your mother first.

I pray that when you wake up, you lose that fever, and take charge again.

I really miss you, Lovey. It makes me sad missing you. However, Jesus is my company. I am more secured and comforted than ever.

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