It turned out well.

Today is the first day of our mid year prayer and fasting in our church. The day started out fine, and I was surprised when people ask me to pray for them without them knowing that I am fasting. I thought the day will be a fine day.

Until something just ruined my day. I was so excited to go out at four in the afternoon going to the prayer meeting at six in the evening and this tailor kept the line so long it made me go out the office at seven in the evening.

It just ruined my almost perfect day. I was so frustrated and stressed I blurted out words I do not expect would be going out of my mouth.

So before I went to sleep I was not in the mood to do any reflection. But I did anyway. I prayed first and crying out all my frustrations to God.

By praying, I realized the following:

  1. I have a problem with patience. I have to be exposed in that same situation until I learn how to deal with it.
  2. Do not talk when your mouth is full…of foolishness. All I blurted out was negative words against the tailor while in fact I should be speaking life. I should gave encouraged my co-teachers to wait and there is something good out of waiting.
  3. I forgot to be thankful. I believe beinn thankful at all times helps a person to prolong his or her patience. Being aware of God’s creation and blessings makes us think that nothing can go wrong and everything is fine. It gives us a sense of contentment.

If I did not take time to pray, I believe it is hard for me to see God reveal these things to me. With my own nature, I would not care for any reflection. It would be hard to communicate to God because I was frustrated.

I also realized that this is how the enemy works. He attacks us and blinds us with things around us because he knows that fasting brings glory and honor to God. He will do things just to stop us from doing so.

I thank God for this experience. I thank God for revealing Himself to me.

I allowed myself to fill me in with His grace and His love, I was renewed. I have peace. And I am excited to talk to my Father again.

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